B&W SA250 MK2

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Amplificador de montaje en estantes de 250 vatios con ecualización de subwoofer incorporada

Características Técnicas

Description 250W rack-mount amplifier with built-in subwoofer equalisation
Rotary volume (line in)
Rotary low-pass filter frequency (4th-order Linkwitz, 40Hz - 140Hz)
Low-pass filter defeat 2-posn switch
Phase 0º/180º 2-position switch
Bass extension 3-position switch
Movie/music EQ 2-position switch
Front panel On/auto/s
Rear panel Model select 2-position switch (ISW-3/ISW-4)
2x RCA Phono socket, line in
2x RCA Phono socket, link out
1x XLR socket, line in
1x XLR socket, link out
Amplifier inputs 3.5mm jack - 12V trigger on/standby (overrides manual standby setting)
3.5mm jack - 12V trigger equalisation movie/music
Amplifier outputs 1x Neutrik® Speakon® 4-pole speaker socket
2x pairs of Binding Posts
Amplifier power output 250W
Input impedance 33kΩ
Signal / noise >80dB
95W – 1/8 full power
30W – Idling
Rated power consumption <1W - Standby
Dimensions [H] 100mm x [D] 430mm x [W] 322mm
Net weight 5.4kg
Front panel height 2U 88.1mm (3.5 in)